About Us


The ensemble "Oper@Tee" is a network of freelance singers (and other artists) who realize performances and projects in the field of classical music theatre and classical song. The genre emphasis is on:

  • Viennese Operetta
  • Vienna Folk Theatre
  • Children's opera and children's operetta
  • Viennese and Austrian songs
  • and: "Musical Comedy", "Sacred Light Opera" or "Austrian Musical".





What's special about?

  • The selection of our works! We collect the performance material in the rich Viennese archives and change selected pieces at our discretion. We consider Viennese folk theatre (Raimund, Nestroy, Bäuerle, etc.) to be music theatre (the thickness and extent of the scores proves us right). World premieres of operettas and similar (both by living and long deceased composers) are a fixed component of our repertoire.
  • Cast! We adapt our plays so that the roles are tailored to the actors and not vice versa, in order to give our works (and actors) character and distinctiveness, entirely in the tradition of Viennese folk comedy.
  • Organization! We generally dispense with an elaborate marketing apparatus, we are only artists who market themselves according to the motto: "if we have to enslave ourselves, then at least we do it ourselves in order to preserve a certain residual freedom". Our organization is ideally comradely and informal.
  • Venues! Anywhere possible.


Ideal Goals

With our projects we want to inspire the audience for the variety and genius of the often misunderstood and dismissed "light genre", which admittedly can only really come into its own if you try to convey it with a lot of skill and intelligence and which perhaps in its supposed innocence has more provocative potential and more "learning effect" than the so-called "serious genre".


In order to be able to inspire and excite children for music, theatre and music theatre, we conceive and write our children's operas - with weekly performances in the crypt of St. Peter's Church, Vienna - also in this comical folk theatre style, with the effect that the St. Peter's Children's Choir has seen an explosive increase in new members over the past year.


About the Name

The ensemble name "Oper@Tee" was chosen in order to emphasize - besides the play on words with the generic term "operetta" - the chamber music framework of our performances, which are to be enjoyed comfortably on a Sunday afternoon next to a cup of tea. To give it a modern component, which we also want to include in our interpretations, the @-sign used in e-mails today was used in its original meaning as an abbreviation for the preposition "at".